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Version: 2.0.0-beta.5

πŸ“¦ plugin-content-blog

Provides the Blog feature and is the default blog plugin for Docusaurus.


npm install --save @docusaurus/plugin-content-blog

If you use the preset @docusaurus/preset-classic, you don't need to install this plugin as a dependency.

You can configure this plugin through the preset options.


Accepted fields:

pathstring'blog'Path to the blog content directory on the filesystem, relative to site dir.
editUrlstring | EditUrlFunctionundefinedBase URL to edit your site. The final URL is computed by editUrl + relativeDocPath. Using a function allows more nuanced control for each file. Omitting this variable entirely will disable edit links.
editLocalizedFilesbooleanfalseThe edit URL will target the localized file, instead of the original unlocalized file. Ignored when editUrl is a function.
blogTitlestring'Blog'Blog page title for better SEO.
blogDescriptionstring'Blog'Blog page meta description for better SEO.
blogSidebarCountnumber | 'ALL'5Number of blog post elements to show in the blog sidebar. 'ALL' to show all blog posts; 0 to disable
blogSidebarTitlestring'Recent posts'Title of the blog sidebar.
routeBasePathstring'blog'URL route for the blog section of your site. DO NOT include a trailing slash. Use / to put the blog at root path.
includestring[]['**/*.{md,mdx}']Matching files will be included and processed.
excludestring[]See example configurationNo route will be created for matching files.
postsPerPagenumber | 'ALL'10Number of posts to show per page in the listing page. Use 'ALL' to display all posts on one listing page.
blogListComponentstring'@theme/BlogListPage'Root component of the blog listing page.
blogPostComponentstring'@theme/BlogPostPage'Root component of each blog post page.
blogTagsListComponentstring'@theme/BlogTagsListPage'Root component of the tags list page
blogTagsPostsComponentstring'@theme/BlogTagsPostsPage'Root component of the "posts containing tag" page.
remarkPluginsany[][]Remark plugins passed to MDX.
rehypePluginsany[][]Rehype plugins passed to MDX.
beforeDefaultRemarkPluginsany[][]Custom Remark plugins passed to MDX before the default Docusaurus Remark plugins.
beforeDefaultRehypePluginsany[][]Custom Rehype plugins passed to MDX before the default Docusaurus Rehype plugins.
truncateMarkerstring/<!--\s*(truncate)\s*-->/Truncate marker, can be a regex or string.
showReadingTimebooleantrueShow estimated reading time for the blog post.
authorsMapPathstring'authors.yml'Path to the authors map file, relative to the blog content directory specified with path. Can also be a json file.
feedOptionsSee below{type: ['rss', 'atom']}Blog feed. If undefined, no rss feed will be generated.
feedOptions.type'rss' | 'atom' | 'all' (or array of multiple options)RequiredType of feed to be generated.
feedOptions.titlestringsiteConfig.titleTitle of the feed.
feedOptions.descriptionstring`${siteConfig.title} Blog`Description of the feed.
feedOptions.copyrightstringundefinedCopyright message.
feedOptions.languagestring (See documentation for possible values)undefinedLanguage metadata of the feed.
type EditUrlFunction = (params: {  blogDirPath: string;  blogPath: string;  permalink: string;  locale: string;}) => string | undefined;

Example configuration#

Here's an example configuration object.

You can provide it as preset options or plugin options.


Most Docusaurus users configure this plugin through the preset options.

const config = {  path: 'blog',  // Simple use-case: string editUrl  // editUrl: '',  // Advanced use-case: functional editUrl  editUrl: ({locale, blogDirPath, blogPath, permalink}) => {    return `${blogDirPath}/${blogPath}`;  },  editLocalizedFiles: false,  blogTitle: 'Blog title',  blogDescription: 'Blog',  blogSidebarCount: 5,  blogSidebarTitle: 'All our posts',  routeBasePath: 'blog',  include: ['**/*.{md,mdx}'],  exclude: [    '**/_*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx,md,mdx}',    '**/_*/**',    '**/*.test.{js,jsx,ts,tsx}',    '**/__tests__/**',  ],  postsPerPage: 10,  blogListComponent: '@theme/BlogListPage',  blogPostComponent: '@theme/BlogPostPage',  blogTagsListComponent: '@theme/BlogTagsListPage',  blogTagsPostsComponent: '@theme/BlogTagsPostsPage',  remarkPlugins: [require('remark-math')],  rehypePlugins: [],  beforeDefaultRemarkPlugins: [],  beforeDefaultRehypePlugins: [],  truncateMarker: /<!--\s*(truncate)\s*-->/,  showReadingTime: true,  feedOptions: {    type: '',    title: '',    description: '',    copyright: '',    language: undefined,  },};

Preset options#

If you use a preset, configure this plugin through the preset options:

module.exports = {  presets: [    [      '@docusaurus/preset-classic',      {        blog: {          path: 'blog',          // ... configuration object here        },      },    ],  ],};

Plugin options#

If you are using a standalone plugin, provide options directly to the plugin:

module.exports = {  plugins: [    [      '@docusaurus/plugin-content-blog',      {        path: 'blog',        // ... configuration object here      },    ],  ],};

Markdown Frontmatter#

Markdown documents can use the following Markdown FrontMatter metadata fields, enclosed by a line --- on either side.

Accepted fields:

authorsAuthorsundefinedList of blog post authors (or unique author). Read the authors guide for more explanations. Prefer authors over the author_* FrontMatter fields, even for single author blog posts.
authorstringundefined⚠️ Prefer using authors. The blog post author's name.
author_urlstringundefined⚠️ Prefer using authors. The URL that the author's name will be linked to. This could be a GitHub, Twitter, Facebook profile URL, etc.
author_image_urlstringundefined⚠️ Prefer using authors. The URL to the author's thumbnail image.
author_titlestringundefined⚠️ Prefer using authors. A description of the author.
titlestringMarkdown titleThe blog post title.
datestringFile name or file creation timeThe blog post creation date. If not specified, this can be extracted from the file or folder name, e.g, 2021-04-15-blog-post.mdx, 2021-04-15-blog-post/index.mdx, 2021/04/15/blog-post.mdx. Otherwise, it is the Markdown file creation time.
tagsTag[]undefinedA list of strings or objects of two string fields label and permalink to tag to your post.
draftbooleanfalseA boolean flag to indicate that the blog post is work-in-progress and therefore should not be published yet. However, draft blog posts will be displayed during development.
hide_table_of_contentsbooleanfalseWhether to hide the table of contents to the right.
keywordsstring[]undefinedKeywords meta tag, which will become the <meta name="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,..."/> in <head>, used by search engines.
descriptionstringThe first line of Markdown contentThe description of your document, which will become the <meta name="description" content="..."/> and <meta property="og:description" content="..."/> in <head>, used by search engines.
imagestringundefinedCover or thumbnail image that will be used when displaying the link to your post.
slugstringFile pathAllows to customize the blog post url (/<routeBasePath>/<slug>). Support multiple patterns: slug: my-blog-post, slug: /my/path/to/blog/post, slug: /.
type Tag = string | {label: string; permalink: string};
// An author key references an author from the global plugin authors.yml filetype AuthorKey = string;
type Author = {  key?: AuthorKey;  name: string;  title?: string;  url?: string;  image_url?: string;};
// The FrontMatter authors field allows various possible shapestype Authors = AuthorKey | Author | (AuthorKey | Author)[];


---title: Welcome Docusaurus v2authors:  - slorber  - yangshun  - name: Joel Marcey    title: Co-creator of Docusaurus 1    url:    image_url: [hello, docusaurus-v2]description: This is my first post on Docusaurus 2.image: false---A Markdown blog post


Read the i18n introduction first.

Translation files location#

  • Base path: website/i18n/<locale>/docusaurus-plugin-content-blog
  • Multi-instance path: website/i18n/<locale>/docusaurus-plugin-content-blog-<pluginId>
  • JSON files: extracted with docusaurus write-translations
  • Markdown files: website/i18n/<locale>/docusaurus-plugin-content-blog

Example file-system structure#

website/i18n/<locale>/docusaurus-plugin-content-blogβ”‚β”‚ # translations for website/blogβ”œβ”€β”€ authors.ymlβ”œβ”€β”€ first-blog-post.mdβ”œβ”€β”€ second-blog-post.mdβ”‚β”‚ # translations for the plugin options that will be rendered└── options.json